Sandeep Karkhanis


Talk Abstract: Lessons learnt from applying Data Science for Social Good.

AI, Data Science, Machine Learning – it would be nigh
impossible to not have come across these words in the newspapers,
social media or television often in varying contexts…

We live in exciting times where data is omni-present and already
touches nearly every aspect of our modern lives, be it in the food
delivery apps or the music we listen to or the books we might like to
read, and eventually leading to self-driving cars and robots…and
although a lot of commercial companies outside the FAANG (Facebook,
Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) circle,  have begun leveraging data
and algorithms to maximise their bottom line; the new challenges
facing humanity – climate change, to animal trafficking or finding
cures to diseases to name a few, seem to be ever increasing. All the
while, social organisations like nonprofits, NGOs, and governments
still lack the resources to harness this same technology for social
good. Having previously worked on a couple of projects applying Data Science
to the Non-Profit / Charity sector in Animal conservation and the
Royal Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, in my talk, I will focus on the
lessons learnt from applying Data Science, the challenges faced, how I
overcame them and potentially encourage others to apply give their
time and skills to applying Data Science outside the commercial arena.

 Bio: Sandeep is an experienced Data Scientist currently applying his
skills in the Insurance sector. Previously, he has worked and lived in
5 countries across Consulting, Telco, Ad-tech, Health-Insurance
industries. He enjoys working on challenging problems, applying my skills for
social good. Outside of the world of Data Science, he enjoys
Photography, Traveling, Cycling and Scuba Diving.

Saturday April 13th , 2019
9:00 am-
5:00 pm
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