Kasia Kulma

Mango Solutions

Talk Abstract: Integrating empathy in the Data Science process.

Despite the fast growth of talent in analytics and more sophisticated technical skill-sets, the success rate of data science projects remains low. It may be because people-related factors are top challenges in such projects, e.g. lack of clear question, company politics or results not being used by decision makers. It’s a reminder that the role of data science is to empower business to make better decisions, and to achieve it we need to ensure that we answer the right questions and have the right information. This is where empathy comes into play: enabling open and collaborative work even in complex business structures. In my talk, I demonstrate that empathy has a clearly defined role at every step of Data Science process: from pitching project ideas and gathering requirements to implementing solutions, informing & influencing the stakeholders and gauging the impact of the product. Next, I show that empathy is not a talent that we are born with, but a skill that everyone can develop and improve. Finally, I present the framework that integrates empathy at every stage of the data science process by aligning our problem understanding with stakeholders’ agenda and ensures the right communication within and between the teams.

Bio: Kasia Kulma is a Data Science Consultant at Mango Solutions and holds a PhD in evolutionary biology from Uppsala University, Sweden. She has experience in building recommender systems, customer segmentations, web applications and running NLP projects. She is the author of the blog r-tastic.co.uk and is a mentor and organiser in R-Ladies London. She is an R-enthusiast interested in data (science) ethics and evidence-based medicine.


Saturday April 13th , 2019
9:00 am-
5:00 pm
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