Daniel Scott


Talk Abstract: An overview of the work that Arcadis and SEAMS are delivering across a range of sectors using data and advanced analytics to transform how natural and built assets are managed.  With a footprint across the globe Arcadis are working with clients across a diverse range of areas from traditional utilities and transport organisations through to planners for Smart Cities to deliver a shift in how data and analytics are used to drive decisions and realise an improvement in Quality of Life. Through Arcadis’ global analytics arm, SEAMS, Arcadis is delivering world leading solutions for real-world benefit.

Bio: Dan leads SEAMS’ Analytics Team and is a dedicated Asset Manager, engineer and leader, who has expertise in the development of complex models, analytics and systems engineering. He brings an innovative and effective approach to problem solving and has a proven record of success across a number of areas including driving innovation utilising analytics, identifying potential efficiencies, promoting stakeholder buy-in, implementing business change and using models to successfully develop and defend business cases. Dan has had substantial success in managing the financial, commercial and political constraints within TfL and Rail & Underground.

Saturday April 13th , 2019
9:00 am-
5:00 pm
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